You Can Build

Upon Success!

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Your Support Will: 

You Can Build Upon Success!

Your continued generosity has established the school and enabled it to develop.
Through the dedicated efforts of our staff, the school has flourished and now has an ever increasing number of students. In fact, we're ‘busting at the seams'!

The school has become too small to take proper care of our more than 180 children. The parents’ demand and expectation is that their children continue with us into higher classes. And there is a waiting list for preschool. So we need to build more classrooms!

With your support five more classrooms are being added. During May to August, 2020 an additional ground level room was completed as well as one of two staircases to a new 2nd story, and the base work for two more classrooms.

We now have two urgent priorities:

Due to the Covid lockdown teachers and other staff have not been paid since March. The school will reopen only in January 2021.Their salaries depend on school fees and normal recurring income when school is in session. The salary for each of our staff members is from 60 to 150 Euros monthly.

You support can help a teacher and her family provide their basic needs during this crises period.

The other major priority is to complete the two new 2nd story classrooms and furnish all three new rooms. This requires approximately Euros 15,000.

The ongoing pandemic's closure of schools has provided a window of opportunity to build safely, without the children at risk. There is limited time to complete this phase of work.

Your support will continue to build upon success, and help our many children to expand their horizons.

We greatly appreciate your generous assistance to accomplish this.

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