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Get Involved


Share your skills and experience, become part of the AMNHA family!

We are always keen to increase the knowledge and skills of our teaching staff. If you can help impart training and spend some time with us (ideally minimum 1 month), Akwaaba (You’re Welcome)! If you like to help in other ways, for example caring for the creche children, assisting/supporting the teachers, etc. please contact us by email:

Though the school is financially stable in regards to recurring costs, we always need support to improve our facilities, and especially to build additional classrooms, and later the new primary school. Donations can be sent in a number of ways:

Local Bank Account:

(can be sent directly with

  • Account Name: Ananda Marga Ghana Yoga Society
  • Bank Name: Absa Bank
  • Bank Branch: Ho
  • Branch Code: 030539
  • Account No. 0391009104
  • (No IBAN)
  • School Address: near Nogora Hostel Junction, off Poly Main Road
  • City: Ho Postal Code: VH

Via GoFundMe: (they retain approximately 8%)

In Euros:

NOTE: be sure to mention / memo: ‘Ho KG’ or ‘Dada MP’

  • AMURT - Associação de Apoio Social e Humanitário
  • NIB: 0035 2168 00020600530 24
  • IBAN PT50 0035 2168 00020600530 24

By Paypal:

For tax-deductible donations in USA:

NOTE: be sure to mention / memo: ‘Ho KG’ or ‘Dada MP’

By Paypal
By check - payable to:
  • Ananda Marga Gurukula
  • AMGK c/o Brim
  • 146 Honness Lane
  • Ithaca, NY 14850
By bank transfer to:
  • TD Bank Waitsfield,
  • Branch Rte 100, Waitsfield, VT 05673
  • Bank Routing: 011600033
  • Account name: Amurtel
  • Account No. 5242071728
Students and teachers
Constructing second floor
Second floor construction
Second floor upon existing floor
iSecond floor from another angle
Seen from first floor
Staff overlooking the area
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